5 Insane Music collaborations That Almost Happened

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when you even just a casual music fan, you have some dream pairing of musicians whom you’d like to see work together. Maybe it is something impossible, Like hearing Elvis sing that song Bruce Springsteen wrote for him extremely popular ’70s. Maybe it is something awful, Like hoping Brad Paisley and LL Cool J synergy for an „random Racist” sequel. would certainly, It’s not that, but nevertheless, To each their particular. Saga long time from now.

With that disclaimer having cleared my conscience, Let me throw another spoiler the right path, Assuming you’re one of the dozens of folks that still haven’t seen the movie. In one exclusively moving scene, We determine that, completed untimely death of Eazy E, „The world’s biggest group” Was planning a reunion album. sadly,on the other hand, That never materialized, And in the strictest of terms, It in will, seeing that how Eazy E isn’t around anymore. Reunion of sorts did almost happen around the turn of the millennium, plus, Quite perfectly, It would’ve included Dr. Dre protege Snoop Dogg filling the hole involved with Eazy E’s absence. more enhanced, when i say the reunion almost happened, What website owners mean is that it totally did.We just never got an entire album from it. The song above was highlighted on the soundtrack to the 2000 film Next Friday, So imagine my surprise should tell me it somehow wasn’t on your radar. another song, Simply referred to as „welcome, appeared on Ice Cube’s War Peace Vol. Reunion, Ice cube and Dr. Dre teased the concept of a joint album called Heltah Skeltah for a few years in the mid ’90s, Going so far as to push out a a single that appeared on the Murder Was The Case soundtrack. you will discover an official video.They were constantly compared to each other, if they were both at the height of their powers during the Purple Rain/Thriller years. of course enough, This led to a rivalry that had been simmering as late as 2003, When president said this on the song „Life O’ The special occasion” beyond Musicology:

on the other hand, It was a playful rather rivalry, The kind involving, involving overly intense ping pong matches and allegations that Prince played the bass in Jackson’s face once just to annoy him. So it shouldn’t come as too huge of a surprise that their competitive spirits didn’t keep the two from focusing on working together on a few different occasions.

The most famous near effort would’ve seen them teaming up on the lead single and title track of Jackson’s Bad.

In classic Prince type, He backed out because of a single lyric. specifically, He declined to be party to letting Jackson sing the opening line, „the sofa is mine, In his track. Or as he was quoted saying it in an interview with Chris Rock:Now all I can give thought to is Prince starring in the Blade franchise.

able to you’re unsure, the specific „Wesley Snipes mother nature” In question for you is the one Jackson shouts „You is not bad, You isn’t nothin’, At in the beginning of the extended version of the video. The character’s nick name is „little black dress Max, royal prince was 5’2, Like I known, A playful rivalry!

strangely enough, This wasn’t the first or last time the pair came close to working at once. Another visible collabortunity (yep) Came available the in hindsight super duper obnoxious charity single „We Are life,

Prince was asked to take part in the song but politely declined. Before you get too huffy about him shooting down an institution as benevolent as USA for Africa, Please keep in mind that he made it up to them by writing an entire song instead.